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Journal of the Institute for Educational Research is a periodical where theoretical, reviewing, and original research works from the field of education are published. The first number of the Journal was published in 1967. Today, the Journal has a status of a scientific review of an international importance, and it is published twice a year.

Journal is indexed by: Scopus (from 2007 on) and Web of Science (ESCI, from 2015 on). Journal issues are available (from 2002 on) on DOI Serbia website.

Journal of the Institute for Educational Research is an Open Access Journal. All articles can be downloaded free of charge and used in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND) licence. 


Instructions for manuscript preparation can be found HERE

Editorial policy can be found: HERE


Editorial staff of the Journal consists of eminent experts in the field of education in the country and abroad. 

The Editor-in-chief: Slavica Ševkušić, Ph. D
The Copy editor: Ivana Đerić, Ph. D, Jelena Stanišić. Ph. D 
The Editorial office secretary: Jelena Medar Zlatković, MA
The Language editor: Esther Grace Helajzen


  1. Prof. Nikolai M. Borytko, Ph. D., Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Russia
  2. Dr. habil Vilmos Vass, Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary
  3. Prof. Branko Kovačić, Ph. D., School of Communication, University of Hartford, USA
  4. Prof. Daniel Curchill, Ph. D., Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong
  5. Suzana Miovska Spaseva, Ph. D., Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of  Philosophy, Pedagogical institute, Skopje, Macedonia
  6. Dragan Janjetović, Ph. D., Sorlendet sykehus HF, Arendal, Norway
  7. Prof. Danimir Mandić, Ph. D., Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  8. Prof. Blanka Bogunović, Ph. D., Faculty of Music Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
  9. Snežana Mirkov, Ph. D., Institute for Educational Research Belgrade, Serbia
  10. Prof. Slobodanka Gašić Pavišić, PhD, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University Donja Gorica, Podgorica, Montenegro
  11. Prof. Mirosava Ðurisić-Bojanović, Ph. D., Faculty of philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  12. Nikoleta Gutvajn, Ph. D., Institute for Educational Research Belgrade, Serbia
  13. Prof. Dejan Lalović, Ph. D., Faculty of philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  14. Jelena Stevanović, Ph. D., Institute for Educational Research Belgrade, Serbia
  15. Nataša Lalić Vučetić, Ph.D, Institute of Educational Research, Belgrade, Serbia
  16. Prof. Dušanka Lazarević, Ph. D., Faculty of  Physical Education and Sport, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  17. Prof. Danka Radulović, Ph. D., Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  18. Prof. Vera Spasenović, Ph. D., Faculty of philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  19. Prof. Snežana Stojiljković, Ph. D., Faculty of philosophy, University of Nis, Serbia
  20. Darko Štrajn, Ph. D., Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Complete set of the Journal editions is available in electronic form for the numbers from 2003 on. For earlier editions, their contents are available in electronic form.

Vol 55
Number 1, June 2023.
Number 2, December 2023.


Vol 54
Number 1, June 2022.
Number 2, December 2022.

 Vol 53
Number 1, June 2021.
Number 2, December 2021.

Vol 52
Number 1, June 2020.
Number 2, December 2020.

Vol 51
Number 1, June 2019.
Number 2, December 2019.

Vol 50
Number 1, June 2018.
Number 2, December 2018.

Vol 49
Number 1, June 2017.
Number 2, December 2017.

Vol 48
Number 1, June 2016.
Number 2, December 2016.

Vol 47
Number 1, June 2015.
Number 2, December 2015.

Vol 46
Number 1, June 2014.
Number 2, December 2014.

Vol 45
Number 1, June 2013. 
Number 2, December 2013.

Vol 44
Number 1, June 2012.
Number 2, December 2012.

Vol 43
Number 1, June 2011.
Number 2, December 2011.

Vol 42
Number 2, December 2010.
Number 1, June 2010.

Vol  41
Number 2, December 2009.
Number 1, June 2009.

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