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During its 60-year long work, Institute for Educational Research has organized over 50 international and national scientific conferences. Two cycles of scientific conferences were started under the name “Educational Research and School Practice” and „Inclusion in preschool and elementary school“, as well as a cycle of symposia under the name “Technology, Information, and Education” and so called „round tables“.

2024 ICCS 2022: Results and Implications
2023 Towards a More Equitable Education: From Research to Change
2022 The State, Problems, and Needs of the Modern Education Community
2020 - Educational research and school practice
2019 - Role of education in modernization of society
2013 - Innovative approaches to education
2012 - Youth's perceptions of elderly and aging
2011 -  Inclusion in preschool institution and in elementary school
2011 - Initiative, cooperation and creativity in contemporary education
2010 - Education of children with disabilities in preschool and school institutions 
2010  - Teachers' professional development
2010  - Mobility and leave taking of experts - personal and social gains and losses
2009 – Quality and  efficiency of teaching in learning society
2008 – Qualitative researches in education
2007 – Role of education in reduction of effects of poverty on children in countries in transition
2006 – TIMSS 2003 in Serbia
2006 – Cooperation between school and family
2005 – Democracy through education in Serbia and in the region
2004 – Changes in schoolwork and quality of education
2004 – Educational measures in Serbia from 1804 until 2004
2003 – Knowledge and curriculum
2002 – Respect for differences, and education
2001 – Toward a new school: educational research and school practice