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The project The PEER model of collaborative problem solving: Developing young people's capacities for constructive interaction and teamwork under the acronym PEERSolvers is realized within the Ideas program funded by the Science Fund Republic of Serbia. The leading institution of the project is the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (project manager: Aleksandar Baucal, Ph.D., full time professor). The Institute for Educational Research participates in the implementation of this project as a partner institution. Smiljana Jošić, Ph.D,. research associate, is a researcher on the project and manager of one of the work packages of the project. The duration of the project is planned for a period of 36 months starting from January 17, 2022.

The PEERSolvers project, with a specification in the field of developmental psychology, is aimed at improving the quality and effects of peer interaction in the context of joint problem solving. The focus of the project is testing a new model of support for the development of key competencies through peer interaction. More specifically, the goal of the project is to support of positive effects of spontaneous direct interaction and activities in the digital environment, as well as the opportunity that such experiences create for the application of key competencies and their development.

More detailed information can be found on the project website: