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The Institute for Educational Research (Belgrade, Serbia) in cooperation with the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska (Koper, Slovenia), the Faculty of Philology, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Moscow, the Russian Federation), and the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation (Belgrade, Serbia) cordially invites you to

The 28th International Scientific Conference

Educational Research and School Practice“

The State, Problems, and Needs of the Modern Education Community

Belgrade, December 9th, 20221

The Aim of the Conference

Education systems, that is, education communities worldwide continuously adapt to the changes caused by numerous factors at national and global levels. Education systems are expected to promptly and efficiently respond to the demands of contemporary society, whose core values are based on the applicability of knowledge, active engagement in the professional and personal development of individuals, and the concept of lifelong learning. Furthermore, education communities should have a proactive role in the process of improving society as a whole. Hence, the aim of the Conference is to explore different questions and problems related to the education in contemporary living and working conditions, especially in the context of the accelerated development of information and communication technologies; and to highlight the needs of all participants in contemporary education communities and the challenges they face as well.

The Thematic Framework of the Conference

1. The professional development and competencies of educational workers

2. Students’ personality and learning needs

3. Modern approaches to learning and teaching

4. Cooperation between different participants in modern education communities

The working languages of the Conference are Serbian and English.